Are you struggling to find the “right” nutrition plan for you?

  • Do you jump from diet to diet?

  • Do you have trouble keeping the weight off that you worked so hard to lose?

  • Are you looking for support and accountability in your nutrition program?

  • Do you want guidance on how to structure an eating plan that works for you?

  • Are you confused with all the conflicting information on the internet about what you should and shouldn't do?

Whether you need to establish a lifelong approach to food, want to improve your performance, or make changes to your body composition, we have a team of nutrition coaches who will guide and support you to results you never thought possible. 

Nutrition is crucial to both health and performance, but when it comes to service delivery, we like to stay in our lane (so to speak), which means we focus on those things that we are skilled at performing - coaching exercise.


We are not nutritionists, nor do we pretend to be. This is why we have instead teamed up with the crew from Fortitude Nutrition Coaching (FNC) who are much better at providing nutritional advice than we are.

The team from FNC offer a range of 1-on-1 and group coaching services for CrossFit Manly Vale members. All of their plans are customised to personally suit you, your lifestyle, your current practices and your goals.

FNC's long term goal is to teach our members how to create sustainable change and build positive, life-long nutritional habits. When you join FNC, you will work collaboratively with an FNC coach to build nutritional knowledge and support your goals in a positive, structured and supportive environment.

FNC's range of services include:

  • Personalised 1-on-1 coaching

  • Regular check-ins / face-to-face consultations

  • Access to their Team FNC Community

  • 24/7 online support and troubleshooting

  • Customised meal templates

  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching (daily habits, lessons, assignments)

To learn more about FNC's nutritional performance plans and pricing, simply click the button below.


We provide the training....FNC provides the nutrition support...and together we help you take your health and fitness to heights you never thought possible. 

Healthy.  Active.  Living.

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